Optimized EV Charging

We forecast and optimize electric vehicle charging to lower costs, ensure green charging and enable clean, reliable electric grids.

Our services

EV data services
Receive actionable business intelligence insights.  We analyze your EV charging data to reveal utilization trends, charging flexibility and solutions for efficient growth.
Optimized EV charging
We manage EV charging to reduce operating costs, smooth loads and ensure the greenest charge.
Grid services
We provide disaggregation services, forecasts and flexibility insights for EV loads.  


Bia benefits EV fleets, EV charging operators, private EV owners and grid operators.
Reduced energy cost
Peak loads are expensive.  We generate savings by smoothing loads and shifting charge times to off-peak hours - without impacting the driver's needs.
Battery longevity
Intelligent battery management has significant impact on battery health. We control and manage the charging process to optimize for minimal battery ageing.
Cleaner charge
We promote clean charging through our green EV charge optimization. This means less greenhouse gas emissions and a more sustainable future for all.
Increased resilience
Intermittent renewable energy causes volatility on power grids. We provide modularity and balancing services through the flexibility we aggregate.

how it works

1 — Connecting assets
Our software connects with EV charging infrastructure to monitor and manage the charging process.
2 — Forecasting & optimizing
We forecast flexibility and build real-time optimization models. We optimize for highest revenues, reduced charging costs, and improved battery health.
3 — Meeting grid needs
We provide access to our virtual storage and power pools to manage imbalances and respond to grid events.

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who we are

Bia is a clean tech startup with offices in Barcelona and Toronto. Our strategists, engineers, data scientists, and designers have broad experience building disruptive tech companies in energy and mobility. We are innovators with a mission to create technology with positive global impact.
Interested in joining our team? We’re looking for software engineers, data scientists, data engineers, optimization engineers, and battery experts. Internships, part-time, full-time—we’re flexible.
Drop us a note at → hello@biapower.io

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Bia is a clean tech software startup working in the intersection of energy and mobility. Interested in working with us? We would love to hear from you!

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