A hardware-agnostic platform to monitor, optimise and forecast EV charging

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Business Intelligence

Data management, monitoring and analytics

Real-time monitoring and data processing provides actionable business insights with multiple applications. A single integrated dashboard or API to deliver charging data, analytics and forecasts. View EV charging utilisation trends, costs, charging flexibility and carbon impact.
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Data management
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Real-time monitoring
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Custom autonomous smart charging

Optimised EV charging to reduce operating and energy costs, smooth peak loads and ensure the greenest charge. Our optimisation algorithm can solve for one or many priorities so you can leverage our platform to address your specific charging needs. V1G and V2G available in most markets.
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Reduced energy costs
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Reduced peak loads
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Battery longevity
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Sustainable charging
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Revenue from grid services and V2G
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Forecasts, simulations and planning

Powerful forecasting and simulation services for EV load modeling, planning and efficient growth. Our simulation services enable you to develop a strategic EV charging plan that avoids unnecessary costs and pitfalls. See charging load models, energy costs and flexibility forecasts as you grow from 10s to 100s to 1000s of charging assets.
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Load models
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Growth planning

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