Seamlessly connect, monitor and optimise EV charging

Parking garages

Future-proof your EV charging services with smart tools and minimal infrastructure upgrades

  • Monitor all your charging assets in one hardware-agnostic business intelligence platform
  • Operate up to 60% more stations without retrofitting your electrical installation
  • Deliver the most sustainable charge at minimal energy cost
  • Plan for growth with Bia’s simulation tools and load forecasts
Parking garages


Accelerate fleet electrification with balanced EV loads and lower operational costs

  • Track, manage, and optimize EV charging in one hardware-agnostic platform
  • Enjoy balanced EV loads, lower energy costs and the most sustainable charge
  • Minimize battery degradation
  • Avoid unnecessary infrastructure upgrades
  • Efficiently plan your fleet electrification with our simulations tools

Installers and CPOs

Expand your offer with white-labeled smart EV charging

  • Easily monitor and manage your EV charging network
  • Provide optimisation that reduces energy costs, balances loads and delivers sustainable charging
  • Plan for efficient growth while avoiding unnecessary infrastructure costs
  • Compete with premium white labeled smart EV charging
Installers and CPOs

Energy retailers

Attract and retain high-value EV charging customers

  • Provide a branded premium EV charging experience through our white-labeled tools
  • Offer smart billing, load balancing, battery management and green charging options
  • Anticipate and plan for future EV customers with load models and flexibility forecasts


Lead the industry by preparing 
for future EV loads

  • Monitor, aggregate and analyze EV loads through a dedicated platform or API
  • Manage EV loads to offer grid services
  • Plan for future EV charging needs with models, forecasts and simulations
  • Reduce infrastructure upgrades


Accelerate sales with integrated smart EV charging features

  • Upgrade your hardware with cloud-based monitoring, alerts,  data management and analytics
  • Offer built-in charge optimisation and energy management

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